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Encyclopedia of Greene County History

The GCHS Encyclopedia of Greene County History will become a free online resource chronicling the rich history, geography, and culture of Greene County Missouri. It will be monitored and updated periodically to ensure the users are provided the most accurate information available about the region and its heritage. Users will be invited to browse our text entries and media galleries to learn more about the people, places, events, legends, and lore of Missouri's fourth most populous county. The GCHS Encyclopedia of Greene County History is, of course, a work in progress. Please check in frequently as we will be continually adding new entries. To view the current list of topics, please click here.

The GCHS Encyclopedia of Greene County History is in need of authors to write on all aspects of the county's heritage and culture. We are hoping to engage with as many individuals and organizations as possible to build a comprehensive, accurate, and authoritative resource on Greene County that will be useful to both general readers of history and experienced scholars. Encyclopedia authors ideally should have some knowledge of their subjects, but, more importantly, possess a willingness to perform research on their topics using primary sources. All entries will be subjected to a review process and be fact checked for accuracy. Author guidelines are available here, while the Encyclopedia style guide is available here

As the GCHS begins constructing a list of entries, it is acknowledge that it will by no means be definitive without your assistance. We invite you to nominate topics for inclusion in the Encyclopedia and authors (including yourself) to write entries for those topics. The primary criteria for an entry must be its significance to some aspect of Greene County history. Topics may include: EVENTS that occurred in the county; GROUPS from Greene County that made an impact on the local, state, or national level; PERSONS from Greene County who made a historical significant contribution; PLACES with significance beyond the people who built it or lived there; and, THINGS which figures from Greene County created. To see If you would like to nominate a topic and author for inclusion in the GCHS Encyclopedia of Greene County History, please follow the link below. 

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