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Greene County Historical Society Student Fellowship

In the Spring of 2016, the Greene County (MO) Historical Society launched a new endeavor to support to students working on projects related to the Ozarks history and culture. 



This fellowship is designed to aid graduate and undergraduate students at accredited institutions of higher learning who are conducting research on the history, development, and care of the Missouri Ozarks, with preference given to projects on Greene County specifically. Grant requests may not exceed $1,000, though the Society reserves the right to give less than the requested amount. The money requested may not be used for salary, but may be used for such expenses as photocopying, research fees, equipment, housing, food, transportation, etc. 



The Society reviews applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.  


Additionally, within twelve months of the completion of the project fellowship recipients will be expected to present a written copy of their work to the society, although extensions may be granted upon submission of a written request. Upon being awarded the fellowship, recipients will be expected to provide a digital photograph of themselves, so that said image may be published along with their names, project titles, and other relevant information. 


Application Process 

Applicants are required to submit the following items: 


  • A typed research proposal of no more than three pages that explains the scope and context of the project, how the project relates to the student’s degree and/or course work, how the project relates to the history of the Missouri Ozarks and/or Greene County, and the student’s qualifications to conduct this research. 


  • A detailed budget containing a list of estimated expenses the student expects to incur while undertaking this project. 


  • A letter by a supervising faculty member recommending the student for this fellowship. This letter should also explain the scope and context of the project, how it relates to the student’s degree and/or course work, and an endorsement of the student’s ability to complete such a project. 

Application for the GCHS Student Fellowship may be completed by following the link below. 


Speaking Opportunity 

Fellowship recipients may be invited to deliver a program about their work at one of the Society's semiannual meetings. 

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